Ellensburg: A Community Not Left Behind

June 24, 2015

Yesterday, the Daily Record released an article leading with the encouraging news that County commissioners approved construction of a solar array project near Ellensburg, (see link below.) While the project has yet to be approved by the state, such a forward-thinking proposal is something we can all support. In addition to being clean energy, solar projects are increasingly economical. Rapid technological advancements meet high demand for the product, drastically decreasing price and increasing affordability. The company involved, OneEnergy Renewables, wants to start construction sometime this summer.

If carried out, such a progressive attribute of our city should be embraced and even advertised to potential investors and future residents going forward. It illustrates a community aware that although 88% of our current electricity is already generated by hydro-power, another clean source, it must still be adaptive. Installation and solar panels are relatively cheap compared to earlier years, and while the sun always shines, the current economic climate may not last forever.

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