Fall Maintenance Tips for Landlords

September 26, 2022

Fall is a busy time for landlords. You may have repairs or maintenance projects that you want to finish before winter. Here are some property maintenance tips for this fall:

Clean the gutters

Excess debris can accumulate in your gutters over time, causing them to overflow when it rains heavily or after a snowfall. Keeping gutters clear can also prevent ice dams and icicles from forming as temperatures drop.

Look for leaks and cracks

A leaky basement or attic can cause damage to your property and, if left unresolved, could lead to mold growth. Attic leaks can cause serious problems with your heating system or even lead to an electrical fire. Consider checking around window sills and door frames for cracks that could allow water inside, and inspecting for signs of water damage, such as rot or rust around the window.

Rake the leaves

Raking leaves before the weather turns cold can help keep pests away from your property. Getting rid of your leaves before the first snowfall can also prevent snow mold from developing and harming your lawn.

Check and replace fire extinguishers

Expired, undercharged or overcharged fire extinguishers may not operate correctly or at all. Keeping new extinguishers at your property can make it safer and may even qualify you for an insurance policy discount.

Whether you DIY or hire a professional, a bit of property maintenance in the fall can help you get ahead of underlying issues brought on by cold winter weather. If you’re looking for a landlord insurance quote, request one here or visit us in Ellensburg at 426 N. Pine Street.