What is Classic Car Insurance?

August 4, 2022

Special vehicles need special coverage. Cover your prized possessions with classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance provides specialized coverages and service options to classic car owners. An independent agent can help you choose classic car insurance coverage that meets your specific needs.

What is agreed value coverage?

The main difference between regular car insurance and classic car insurance is agreed value coverage. Carriers determine the value of regular cars based on readily available information, like cost to repair and the value of comparable models. In contrast, in an agreed value policy, you and the carrier agree on an appraisal of your classic car. It’s then insured for the agreed upon value in the event of a covered total loss, minus any deductible. If your car appreciates, you’ll need to increase the coverage amount. 

Who is eligible?

Driver and vehicle requirements must be met to qualify for classic car insurance. Criteria vary by carrier, but can include minimum driver age, years of driving experience, driving record, special vehicle characteristics, vehicle usage and annual mileage. 

What does it cover?

In addition to common coverages like liability, collision and comprehensive, classic car insurance can include specialized coverages like ‘auto show medical reimbursement.’ If you or a family member are injured while attending a car show featuring your classic car, this coverage can pay for some or all of your medical expenses. Talk to an independent agent to learn about more special coverages for special cars. 

How much does it cost?

Classic car insurance is generally less expensive than regular auto insurance. Driving far fewer annual miles while keeping your vehicle well-protected and in good condition make this coverage more affordable. Depending on the carrier, standard car insurance discounts can also apply to classic car insurance. 

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