Three Benefits to Bundling Your Insurance

July 13, 2022

Save time and money by bundling your insurance policies with one carrier.

1. Multi-line discounts

Most insurance companies that offer more than one type of coverage provide discounts if you buy multiple policies from them. For example, instead of only purchasing car insurance, you would also purchase renters or homeowners insurance from the same company. By bundling policies together, you save money. 

2. Save time

Rather than work with different insurance agencies or carriers for each policy, bundling them all through one company and one independent agent makes policy management easier and faster. The convenience of one-stop shopping can save you hours in the long run. 

3. Personalized, one-stop customer service

Bundling policies with the same company and independent agency allows your agent to provide more personalized service. Additionally, if during a claims process there is damage covered under multiple policies, there is only one number to call. 

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