Five Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

July 7, 2022

Going independent means more flexibility, choice, and personalization. 

1. Save time quote shopping

Independent insurance agencies check rates with multiple carriers to give you more options. Instead of calling and visiting multiple agencies and websites, save time by sharing your household information only once and let the independent agent shop around based on your insurance needs. 

2. No need to switch agents if you switch companies

Looking for another insurance carrier? No problem. An independent agency has access to multiple carriers and can shop your policy around before renewal, finding you the best value while maintaining your relationship. There’s no need to start from scratch if your rate increases. 

3. Work with small to midsize companies

Independent agencies often have access to smaller, more specialized insurance carriers. While less mainstream, independent agents have more flexibility to access such carriers and provide the right insurance coverage at the best rate. 

4. Local and personal customer service

As local businesses, independent insurance agencies can provide personalized service that larger companies cannot. Because independent agents are not bound to just one insurance company, they also have more flexibility to provide you with more options. 

5. Consultants for a lifetime

An independent agent is a member of your local community who can get to know you and meet your insurance needs through different stages in life. 

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