Three Gardening Tips for Autumn

November 16, 2022

For garden enthusiasts, autumn can be an opportunity to clean up and prepare for the seasons ahead. Here are three tips for savvy gardening this fall:

Clean up annual plants

Removing dead annuals before winter sets in can help prevent pest issues and the spread of disease in your garden. These plants are usually easy to identify by their wilting and brown discoloration after the first hard frost.

Plant cold-hardy vegetables

If planted before the weather turns too cold, some crops can survive through the winter to be harvested the following spring. Depending on your location, vegetables like spinach, garlic, and broccoli can be healthy options to consider.

Control weeds

Manual or chemical weed control methods can reduce competition for other plants and improve your garden’s appearance. If left unchecked, weeds can spread disease and decrease garden yields.

A bit of preparation before winter can help keep your garden healthy and thriving for the following spring. Next, check out these four lawn care tips for the fall months.